The above photo was taken this morning just prior to sunrise from Mosher Hill in Farmington, the site of the 147.180 mHz analog repeater.

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New openSpot and MMDVM access

A new feature has been added to the Bass Hill c-Bridge. This new server will allow users of openSpots, which are digital radio IP gateways, and users of other MMDVMs to connect to our bridge. This feature is currently configured to work with the talk groups on time slot 2 which include the Maine and New Hampshire statewide talk groups,  Region North, and the New England Wide talk groups. If you are interested in trying this feature, please consider becoming a dues paying member of the New England Digital Emergency Communications Network Use our contact information if would like further information. Thanks to KM3T and NE1B for configuration assistance and testing of this new feature.


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New insulated enclosure for our UHF DMR repeater

Over the past week, I constructed an insulated box to protect and to warm our repeater during the winter months. It was good timing since the temperature dipped to – 20 F this morning. To heat the enclosure, I used a 100 Watt lightbulb. After being closed up for about 2 hours, the internal temperature was 50 F.   I also installed an internet switch to act as a buffer between the Motorola SLR 5700 ethernet port and our ISP.

Here is the box all closed up and set for the rest of the winter.

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Winter on Moose Hill

I got a very late start on winterizing the 147.225 MHz repeater this year. With about 5 inches of snow on the ground, I was able to make it up the hill with the truck after a few tries and close up the radio and its duplexer in its styrofoam igloo for the winter. Temperature readings average 55 degrees F in the enclosure.

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New UHF DMR repeater antenna

On December 7th, with the help of Peter and Matt from Hussey Communications, a new 8 bay folded dipole antenna was installed on the short tower on top of Mosher Hill in Farmington. This will allow a new DMR repeater to join the NEDECN network, one of the few UHF DMR repeaters in Maine. Transmitting on 442.400 MHz and receiving on 447.400 with a color code 11, it will carry all of the usual talk groups. Our new antenna is half-way up the tower on the right hand side.

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New repeaters on the Bass Hill c-Bridge

W1LH in Calais, Maine and W1IMD located Monkton, Vermont joined our c-Bridge earlier this month. This opened up some room on the Massachusetts bridge for additional repeaters soon to be coming online. This links to both of these sites seem to be working well. The W1IMD repeater is carrying the NH statewide talk group on time slot 1 and VT statewide on time slot 2. Let us know how things are working.

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Bald Mountain

Nothing to do with amateur radio, but I hiked up Bald Mountain in Weld, Maine today with a colleague. Nice view.

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A view of York Hill

This is an early morning photo of York Hill, site of the Bass Hill Repeater Group’s DMR repeater.

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