Our history

A Brief History…

   Rusty, KY1E, and Paul, KY1C, established the Bass Hill Repeater Group in the early 80’s.  Our intent was to form an organization of friends and like-minded hams to support a repeater and participate in other Radio related activities – Field Day in particular!  The exact date the group began is lost to time and foggy memories.  Our friends Dennis, KA1CNG; Bill, W1KX; and Eric, K1PV; came together with us to enjoy the hobby of Amateur Radio.  In addition to building and operating the repeater, our main activity was participating in Field Day on Center Hill in Weld and, later, the shores of Round Pond in Livermore; and November Sweeps sometimes from Bill’s shack, other times from Dennis’.

Our first repeater went on the air in 1983 on a short tower on the roof of the Farmington Community Center on 147.150/.750.  We soon moved the repeater to Bass Hill (hence the name Bass Hill Repeater Group) in Wilton and to 147.180/.780.  The .18 repeater has been in pretty much continuous operation ever since.  We have used different radios and different locations over the years, but we have maintained a presence in the Franklin County area for over 35 years.  Bass Hill Repeater Group currently operates two analog repeaters in the southern Franklin County area; a third in Alfred, ME;  a VHF DMR repeater in New Sharon, ME.and a UHF DMR repeater in Farmington, ME.